Go KCTCS! Student Service Center

Below is the logo for the Go KCTCS! Student Service Center. We recommend using the color execution whenever possible.

Go KCTCS colored logo Go KCTCS black and white logo

PMS 541


PMS 131


The full public name for Go KCTCS! Student Service Center is: Go KCTCS! Student Service Center. In all documents except for the least formal (such as e-mail or social media updates), please refer to the full name in first usage. Second and subsequent usages should be Student Service Center. Never use an acronym or SSC in place of the name and also avoid articles and/or modifiers such as the construction the Student Service Initiative.

For supporting materials use the KCTCS Brand Fonts.
  • For print applications, it is recommended the Student Service Center logo be at least 1" wide.
  • For web applications, a width of at least 72 pixels is suggested.
  • Marketing materials, business documents, stationery, and advertisements not shown in this guide should follow the KCTCS brand guidelines.
  • The Student Service Center logo has specific arrangements and proportions for all of its parts. Please do not separate or reconfigure the logo, rather, use the artwork provided by the System Office Department of Marketing and Communications.
  • When selecting a logo for use on a solid color from the KCTCS color palette, it is important to have contrast between the background and logo. Ideally, you would always use the full-color logo, but in cases where the background color is too dark for contrast, the reversed-white logo or the 2-color-reversed logo should be used.
  • For very light photographic or textural backgrounds, either the full-black or full-color logo is suitable.
  • When using the full-color logo on darker backgrounds, lightening the area around the logo will allow for contrast. Otherwise, the reversed (white) logo or the 2-color-reversed logo should be used.