Business Materials

Whether being delivered to current or prospective students, our community members, legislators or workforce partners, well-branded stationery is an excellent way to communicate our brand promise.

Approved templates for letterhead, envelopes both with and without a window and notecards are below. Letterhead is available in a bleed and non-bleed format and a digital template.

The approved fonts for business materials are Georgia and Century Gothic. Stationery files have been provided to each college and stationery can be printed at Ricoh.

sample MCTC letterhead with verticle campus list sample MCTC letterhead with horizontal campus list

Approved business card designs are shown below. A business card should include the approved college or system logo, name, title, department and key contact information.

You may order approved business cards online through Ricoh.

A business card may include degrees or certifications and links to the college website or professional social media accounts. It may be one-sided or two-sided.

Academic degrees should be shown after the name and set off by a comma. Do not use both a courtesy title and degree abbreviation. Due to the limited space on a business card you may want to simplify degrees and certifications to a terminal degree abbreviation or capstone certifications abbreviations.

Do: John Snow, Ph.D.
Don’t: Dr. John Snow, Ph.D.

Century Gothic or Georgia are the approved fonts for business cards.

sample business card for BCTC

Approved nametag designs are shown below. Nametags can be ordered through your college or system marketing department.

Nametags should include the college or system approved logo and the wearer’s name. They may also include a title and/or department.

Due to the limited space on a nametag, academic degrees can be avoided unless you want to be referred to by a courtesy title. For example, Dr. John Snow. Do not use both a courtesy title and degree abbreviation.

Brandon Grotesque is the approved font for nametags.

sample Gateway nametag

Approved PowerPoint templates are shown below. PowerPoint templates should include the approved college or system logo and colors from the approved color palette.

Century Gothic is the preferred font for PowerPoint.

2021 approved powerpoint template

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