The KCTCS Foundation, Inc.

Welcome to the not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) fundraising area of KCTCS. The Foundation was established in 1999 to advance the vision, mission, goals and objectives of KCTCS and be a cooperative and supportive resource for foundations and funding for the System.

The Foundation's Goals:

  • Advance the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of KCTCS.
  • Start, lead and coordinate the private-sector development programs and activities of KCTCS.
  • Raise private funds for system-wide initiatives and needs.
  • Generate support from state, regional, and national corporations and foundations.
  • Provide guidance on managing and investing of private funds.
  • Act as a cooperative and supportive resource for college foundations.
  • Be a friend-raiser and advocate for the System.
  • Counsel and advise the KCTCS President.

KCTCS FOundation, INc. Board of Trustees

Mr. Scott Seger, Chair

Mr. Barry S. Bishop, Past Chair

Ms. Stephanie Bell, Treasurer

Ms. Pamela Smith-Wright, Secretary

Dr. Kay Yates, KCTCS Foundation, Inc. Interim Director







Dr. Paul B. Czarapata
President, KCTCS

Ms. Lisa V. Desmarais
Chair, KCTCS Board of Regents

Mr. Brandon Fogle
Chair, ECTC Foundation Board of Directors

Mr. John L. Gohmann

Dr. Jennifer Lindon
President, Hazard Community and Technical College

Mr. Lee Lingo

Mr. Chris Perry

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