The System Office

We're A Team

When we think of the work that goes into helping our colleges thrive, we often think of the exceptional work of the people with direct, daily contact with students. We can't say enough about the hard work faculty, staff and administrators put in to ensure our colleges are safe, creative learning environments that help our students reach their goals. But, there are some functions they can't perform alone. For example, there must be system-wide strategic planning, leadership of system-wide projects and available resources to support the colleges as they fill the needs of their students, communities and local business and industry.

That's Why We're Here

Our role at the System Office is to develop relationships with the sixteen colleges, become well versed on their workings and needs and help them create excellent experiences for our students.

We're here to help support our colleges in their individual and collective efforts for student success by assisting with:

  • Financial Aid
  • Student Services
  • Technology Solutions
  • Crisis Communications
  • Workforce Development
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Website Management
  • and more

It's important to respect that every college has its own unique culture and history, each with a leader that brings different perspectives, strengths and ideas to the table. It is invaluable to have System-level support that seeks new opportunities and provides the support needed to see the opportunities through to the end.

Let Us Help You: