Brand Guide

Never underestimate the importance of what you do. This brand guide will help you - faculty and staff in every college, department, program and office – to create unified materials that inspire a student, community member, employer or donor. Your role is vital in communicating our brand and our impact and we thank you for sharing the Kentucky community college story.

Visual Identity

Our brand standards are the strategic platform that will guide our messaging strategy and how we tell the college and KCTCS story to the world. Branding matters. A brand is more than a logo or a tagline, it is our guide to unite our voices, distinguish us from our competition and demonstrate our value.

Our Brand Personality

In any material that strives to tell our colleges’ story, images, messages, colors and typography all work together to project a personality.

Our brand personality builds on our Authentic Identity Foundation. The logos, fonts, colors and images you’ll find here create an emotional connection with our audience so they see how our colleges help students find a better life.

Our voice is approachable, conversational, empathetic, knowledgeable and authentic.

Our tone is hopeful, positive and polite, service oriented, supportive, interested, patient and respectful.