Types of Gifts

The following types of gifts are accepted by KCTCS:

For most people, cash is the most convenient form of giving. These gifts are tax-deductible and you can tell us if you have a specific college, program or scholarship that you would like to support. 

You can make a gift online via credit card, or mail payment to:

300 North Main Street
Versailles, KY 40383

If sending a check, please make payable to "KCTCS Foundation".

A gift of long-term appreciated securities has two major advantages:

  1. It provides you with a tax deduction
  2. It eliminates capital gains taxes

By making a gift of closely-held stock, you can receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock and eliminate capital gains taxes on the appreciated value.

You can donate a residence, land, building, or other real property as an outright gift or with the right to occupy the property for life. A gift of a remainder interest on a personal property provides the donor with a tax deduction for the present value of the remainder interest and also lets you eliminate capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

As with gifts of highly appreciated securities or real estate, a gift of tangible personal property can be tax deductible. The allowable deduction for this type of gift is dependent upon an appraisal. 

Tangible personal property gifts include artwork, rare books and/or antiques.

The gift of a life insurance policy will provide you with a charitable contribution for the present cash value; contributions made for premiums paid after the transfer is also tax-deductible. 

A provision in will allows for a substantial contribution without diminishing assets during one's lifetime. Since bequests to the system, colleges, or foundations are deductible form the estate, significant tax savings are possible.

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple way for alumni and friends to plan for retirement while supporting KCTCS and its colleges. It involves a contract between you and a college foundation, where you'll transfer cash or property in exchange for a partial tax deduction and a lifetime stream of annual income. When you pass away, the college foundation keeps your gift. The amount of income stream is determined by many factors including your age and the policy of the college foundation.

Another method of giving for a term of years or for the life of an individual is through a Charitable Lead Trust. Income is paid to the college or foundation each year during the life of the trust. When the trust terminates, the assets revert to you or another beneficiary.

An irrevocable trust may be used to provide you or loved one with a fixed annual income or an income, which varies with the value of the trust. A portion of the trust qualifies for a tax deduction. At the passing of the last income beneficiary, the assets in the trust are distributed to the system, college, or foundation to be used as the donor has designated.

Ready to Give?

You can provide a cash gift through our online form, or you can learn more about the ways to give. Or contact us to set up a gift or get more information.

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