Blue and yellow "pathfinder" with pathfinder top in circleMeet Pathfinder

He's wise, energetic and our students' biggest fan. Pathfinder is here to help our students navigate their way to a degree and a great job. He's a little mischievous but full of heart. Pathfinder believes our students are smart and tough and he won't let anything stand in their way! Five words to describe Pathfinder: encouraging, brave, trailblazer, playful, engaging.

His Story

The old ones speak of the Pathfinder as a traveler of great wisdom and curiosity. They say he is a seeker, a giver of truth and a source of strength. His pioneer spirit runs through the blood of every Kentuckian and his timeless presence continues to guide and pave the way for any traveler journeying to new and unfamiliar destinations. The Pathfinder has seen many changes over the decades. The challenges facing the travelers he seeks to guide today are vastly different than those of the early settlers who came to this great land to seek fortune and a new way of life. While these explorers have the same goals as their forefathers, they face a very different journey one requiring education and training. With the Pathfinder's assistance they are able to focus on an educational destination, find a clear path to a degree or credential and have the confidence, endurance and strength needed to complete their journey.



PMS 541
100C 57M 0Y 38K
0R 70G 127B
HEX VALUE #00467f


PMS 131
0C 32M 100Y 9K
231R 166G 20B
HEX VALUE #e7a614


PMS 146
0C 43M 100Y 33K
178R 115G 13B


PMS 7501
0C 4M 20Y 6K
240R 227G 196B
HEX VALUE #f0e3c4






Font usage should follow regular KCTCS branding guidelines. Myriad Pro and Varsity are typically used in conjunction with Pathfinders image and name.

Image usage

Image Usage
Pathfinder with go you pendent, staff, in graduation robes, and all in circles

These representations are acceptable in most any materials.

Versions for each college are available.

Pathfinder holding Go You flag

To be used when Pathfinder is representing multiple colleges and cannot be individualized, such as promotional items.

Pathfinder head only in color and blue outline only

To be used when we need an image that isn’t college specific, or on promotional items.

pathfinder head with "pathfinder" above - in color and with blue outline only

Can be used when naming an initiative or area such as a newsletter or student lounge.

"Pathfinder" titles - in color (blue and gold) and blue and white outline

To be used in conjunction with head on graphics when you would like to include his name.

Rules of Usage

Do not alter the artwork of Pathfinder, including skewing or distorting the image or changing his colors.
Request artwork from your local PR/Marketing Office.
Do not place Pathfinder image over a patterned background.
Include white outline when placed over a solid background.
Refer to the mascot as Pathfinder, not The Pathfinder.
Something could be named after him and be called The Pathfinder (such as a newsletter, student caf, etc)
When Pathfinder is representing a college, it should be referred to as ACTCs Pathfinder, not the KCTCS Pathfinder/mascot.
Pathfinder does not speak, in person or as an illustration. He may, however, type such as on a social media platform or website.
Pathfinder uses his walking stick to reduce the weight and clear the path for our students. It should only be used in conjunction with the Pathfinder graphic.
Pathfinder is not a logo and should not replace the college or KCTCS logo.