Work Ready Brand Guide

Logo Colors and Preferred Use

We recommend using the color execution with tagline whenever possible.

Work Ready with Tagline full color logo

Work ready black and white logo

Work Ready color logo with no tagline

In materials without an arch, where both the college logo and Work Ready logo appear, you may use this treatment:

Ashland's logo followed by vertical line and Work Ready color logo

Primary Colors


PMS 347
100C 0M 54Y 42K
0R 148G 68B
HEX VALUE #009444


PMS 4206
31C 0M 28Y 30K
124R 179G 128B
HEX VALUE 7cb380


HEX VALUE #000000


153R 153G 153B
HEX VALUE 999999


Work Ready Font ExamplesThe main font for Work Ready is the Rleud Narrow Bold. The Tagline should be in Avenier Next Bold, and Body Copy in Myriad Pro Regular. 

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program Rules

  • This logo should be prominently placed on all Work Ready Kentucky materials,
    advertisements and documents.
  • Please do not separate or reconfigure the logo.
  • Logo should only be used with approved Work Ready Kentucky programs.
  • The tagline “Ready. Set. Work.” is part of the logo and should always be arranged as it appears above.