9.9 Summer Awards | KCTCS

9.9 Summer Awards

KCTCS treats the summer term as a trailing term for all students, in all cases. KCTCS does not award Year-Round Pell using a cross-over payment period logic.

KCTCS will administer Year-Round Pell under the new regulations beginning with the 17-18 Academic Year. For 17-18 and subsequent years while the regulation is in effect, KCTCS will use the following policy when making its award determination for Pell eligible students.

Students will:

  • Receive up to 150% of the yearly Pell award during the FAY.
    • 100% from normal Pell
    • Up to 50% from Year-Round Pell (additional award)
  • Receive the first 100% of their Pell award before receiving any additional award.
  • Be required to be enrolled at least half time (for FA purposes this is to be at least 6credit hours) during the term in which they receive any amount of an additional award.

Colleges will:

  • Not create a crossover award period when awarding Year-Round Pell.
  • Always pay the student’s additional award based on the student’s ISIR data for the current FAY, which for our purposes considers summer as a trailer.