9.3 Campus-Based Program Amounts | KCTCS

9.3 Campus-Based Program Amounts

The KCTCS System Office is responsible for claiming the ACA. The ACA is utilized in the KCTCS general fund for student services based on federal guidelines in 34 CFR 690.10(b) and 34 CFR 673.7.

Federal Work-Study

Determined at college level based on unmet need.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

KCTCS uses a tiered selection process within each term for awarding Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) awards. Funding allocations for each term will be determined after notification from DOE of the funding level for the fiscal year.

Awards will be made as files are marked complete to students who have a zero EFC and have also been awarded a Pell grant for the academic year, in order of student FISAP Total Income, until the allocation amount for that term has been reached.

If funds remain from the initial term allocation after the first selection process, then SEOG awards will be made as files are marked complete to students who are Pell eligible beginning with the lowest EFC’s until the term allocation is reached.

SEOG will be offered to Zero EFC, non-Pell Eligible students (to include Pell eligible LEU students.)

At the end of each term, a review of undisbursed SEOG will be held to determine if undisbursed aid can be reallocated. Reallocated funds will go back through the selection criteria listed.

All terms and conditions that apply to Federal Pell Grant in regards to verification apply to SEOG.

The local college determines the criteria for summer SEOG awards when sufficient funds remain.