Financial Aid

2. Administrative Organization and Office Management

Each college must maintain a series of checks and balances through a separation of functions within the organization. The college's Financial Aid Director is responsible for ensuring compliance with TItle IV programs and this checks and balances system. 

Section 2

Each college demonstrates compliance with the checks and balances and separation of functions requirements. It is the responsibility of each college’s Financial Aid Director to ensure compliance with Title IV programs. This is accomplished by communicating with other appropriate offices including, but not limited to, Admissions, Registrar, Business Affairs, Academic Affairs, Advising, and Scholarship offices.

Each college determines the appropriate departmental structure and staffing level to properly administer Title IV financial aid programs.

2.2.1 Personnel Policies

All colleges adhere to the policies approved by the KCTCS BOR outlined in section two (Human Resources Related Policies) of KCTCS policies.

This includes conditions for hiring, evaluating, promoting, disciplinary action, and terminating staff members. Personnel policies also include those related to compliance with applicable anti-discrimination and civil rights statutes and regulations, a drug-free workplace, and administering, publicizing, and enforcing the code of conduct for employees and students.

The KCTCS SharePoint website is the source of directory information, including titles, telephone numbers, and email addresses, of all college employees with whom financial aid staff members have frequent contact regarding the administration of Title IV aid programs. Job descriptions can be provided by the college Human Resource department.

2.3.1 Third Party Servicers

Third Party Servicer contracts must be reviewed and approved by the KCTCS Office of Legal Services. Contracts involving payment must follow KCTCS Business Procedures.

General administration of office procedures must adhere to the policies approved by the KCTCS BOR outlined in the KCTCS Adminsitrative Policies. There may be variations by college for services such as office hours, appointments with staff, accommodations for disabilities, correspondence, and forms.

Financial aid staff at both the System Office and the individual colleges must comply with all FERPA regulations and adhere to the related policies approved by the KCTCS BOR and outlined in section 6.2 of the KCTCS Administrative policies.