Financial Aid

6. Applications and Forms

KCTCS students use only the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as the basis for applying for financial aid funding while attending any KCTCS college. If the student lists one (or more) of the 16 KCTCS Colleges on the FAFSA, an Individual Student Information Report (ISIR) is generated by the DOE Central Processing System (CPS) that can be downloaded and used by KCTCS colleges to award federal student aid.

Once a student completes the FAFSA, the KCTCS System Office Financial Aid Office is responsible for downloading the resulting ISIR from the DOE/CPS website. The student’s ISIR data is downloaded from CPS and loaded in the KCTCS data management software (PeopleSoft) daily, Sunday through Thursday. From this point, automated checks and balances are performed through a critical checklist process. ISIR data, bio-demographical, and academic data are matched up and evaluated by financial aid staff (system and college) via automated and manual processes before financial aid packaging takes place for students.

In addition to the FAFSA, KCTCS uses several “working” financial aid forms in the evaluating, establishing, confirming, and validating of financial aid data integrity for determining student financial aid eligibility. These working forms may change or be added to as needed to continually be in compliance with federal, state, and KCTCS requirements. KCTCS forms are created and maintained annually or as needed by the System Financial Aid Office.

For the most current, up-to-date version of all available financial aid forms, students and college financial aid staff must always download and use the forms from the KCTCS Financial Aid Forms website.

Federal Deadlines

  • KCTCS students must complete previous year income taxes before attempting to fill outthe current year FAFSA.
  • The FAFSA must be received by the CPS before the deadline established for the aid year. Deadlines are published on the FAFSA page.

KCTCS Deadlines

  • A valid Student Aid Report (SAR) or a valid ISIR and all other required backup documentation must be on record with the college financial aid office on or before the last date the student attended an eligible class or the last day of the semester,whichever occurs first.

KCTCS data management software (PeopleSoft) is used for the primary assignment, collection, and tracking of electronic data related to financial aid processes. PeopleSoft file structure setup, maintenance, and automated electronic processes (i.e. ISIR loads, COD and Direct Lending reporting, and file transfer) are the responsibility of KCTCS System Office Financial Aid.

Documentation required for verification and validation of student eligibility is the responsibility of the college Financial Aid Director or designee(s) as assigned per college. Paper folders, files, and forms or other paper documentation should be kept to an absolute minimum. In such situations where paper documentation is required, the college Financial Aid Director, or designee, is responsible for the collection, integrity, tracking, and security of all paper documentation.

KCTCS students are advised of financial aid packaged amounts, reductions in award amounts, and loss of financial aid eligibility via postal mail, email, and/or electronic counseling sessions.

In cases where students may have extenuating circumstances that warrant a financial aid appeal or otherwise wish to dispute an unfavorable financial aid finding, the student has the right to appeal. To file a financial aid appeal, the student must contact their college Financial Aid Director, or designee, to explain the reason for the appeal request and to explain any extraordinary circumstances that may be involved. The Financial Aid Director, or designee, will advise the student as to the specific appeal form, information, or other documentation the student is required to furnish to the financial aid office for the appeal request. All requested documentation for the appeal must be completed and submitted to the college financial aid office before the appeal will be reviewed for resolution.

All KCTCS colleges will establish a sitting College Financial Aid Appeals Committee. The student will be notified in writing when the college Financial Aid Director and Financial Aid Appeals committee has reached a decision and/or recommendations on the student’s appeal. All findings, decisions, and/or results of the Financial Aid Director and the college Financial Aid Appeals committee process are final and cannot be appealed to any other position or administrative level at the college, the KCTCS System Office Financial Aid Office, or the DOE.