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7.1.2 Acceptable Documentation and Forms

KCTCS colleges use standard verification worksheets approved by the KCTC System Office Financial Aid developed specifically for each tracking flag group. Each worksheet includes instruction for completion and what, if any, addition documentation is required. Refer to the appropriate verification worksheet documentation and verification requirements for both tax and non-tax items such as household size and number in college. For 2019-2020, students completed either an on-line worksheet from OnBase software or a manual verification worksheet. The worksheet form produces the same questions for all students on Page 1 and the questions for all students on Page 2 are based on their dependency determination from Page 1. OnBase software produces verification worksheets with each college’s logo displayed and there are some differences in questions presented to students (based on the situation reported by the student).

For verification of tax items, the DOE encourages students and parents to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) as the fastest, simplest, and most secure way of meeting verification requirements. The DRT is used to import data from tax returns. If DRT availability becomes unreliable, in addition to IRS Tax Return Transcripts, DOE may issue guidance allowing colleges to accept tax returns as acceptable documentation.

Additional information available on the Federal Student Financial Aid's 2019-2020 Award Year: FAFSA ® Information to be Verified and Acceptable Documentation memo (pdf)