2.1 Aid Year Activation | KCTCS

2.1 Aid Year Activation

Financial aid is always processed on an annual basis with a processing cycle of approximately 18 months. We will need to maintain the data for each cycle within separate and unique financial aid years. Before any financial aid processing can occur, the student must be activated for the aid year. 

Although this process is done nightly in a batch for most students, you may have occasions where activating the aid year manually is necessary. For example, if the student recieves a scholarship but has not applied for any other financial aid, he or she will not be included in the batch process. The batch processes will only pick up students who have ISIR data or KEES data, who have a completed application in Student Administration, and who have an eligible academic program and plan. If the student is in a non-degree program and plan, he or she will not be picked up in the batch process.

The nightly financial aid batch processes include Matriculation, Term Activation, Tuition Calculation, Aid Year Activation, Term Build, and receiving ISIR data. 

How to activate a student for the aid year

From the Main Menu page, select Financial Aid > Aid Year Activation >...

 Main menu to Aid Year Activation selection

Select Manage Financial Aid Year from the Aid Year Activation menu.

Manage Financial Aid Year tab

Enter the student's ID and click the Search button. If the student ID is unknown, search for the student by NationalID (Social Security Number) or by First Name and Last Name.

Student Search options

Complete the Student Aid Year Activation page according to these directions:

  • The Academic Institution will always be KCTCS.
  • Enter the appropriate Aid Year.
  • Click the Save icon.

If the student has been aid year activated for a previous year, you will need to insert a row by placing your cursor in the Aid Year field and pressing ALT + 7 or clicking the Add New Row button.

Click the Main Menu link to return to the main Menu page.