12.4 Maximum Time Frame (MTF) Standard | KCTCS

12.4 Maximum Time Frame (MTF) Standard

Students are expected to complete their degree/diploma/certificate credentials within a Maximum Time Frame (MTF) of 150 percent of the required number of credit hours to graduate from their enrolled program of study. MTF of 150% includes all classes required for the credential plus 50%. An example is provided in Table 1.

Table 1: Maximum Time Frame Rule (Classes Required for Credential plus 50%)
Credential Hours MTF Percentage Attempted Hours Permitted
Associates – 60 hours 150% 90
Diploma – 48 hours 150% 72
Certificate – 30 hours 150% 45

All hours such as transferred hours, repeated classes, bankrupted hours, incompletes, withdrawals, failed in graded courses, failed in pass/fail courses and audit (changed from credit to audit after the last day to add a class) are included in the maximum time frame and quantitative standards calculations or pace.

For a standard 16-week term, Student Aid enrollment status for payment purposes will be established at the close of the 7th calendar day beginning with the first day the term, including weekends but not holidays, or upon file completion whichever is later. Courses added after this date will not be considered for enrollment for student aid purposes but will be counted as attempted for quantitative and MTF standards. SAP Outcomes: Students who do not meet one or more of the Quantitative, Qualitative or Pace of the program standards will be placed on “Warning” status. For example, during the SAP evaluation, students earning a cumulative grade point average below a 2.0 at the end of a term will receive an SAP “Warning” status, whereby the student may continue to receive Title IV aid for one payment period.