Overview & Questions

How we collect this information:

All data comes from our Student Information System (PeopleSoft) and are captured on specific “snapshot” dates. The data is then reviewed for accuracy before being submitted to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE). Once CPE completes their review of the data, it becomes Official Data and is added to the Factbook. 

Factbook Update Timeline


  • Summer and Fall Term Update: March 1st
  • Spring Term and Academic Year Update: August 1st

Credentials and Graduates

  • Term and Academic Year Update: October 1st

Tuition and Finances

  • Tuition and Funding Data Update: October 1st
  • Net Price and Affordability Data: April 1st

Fast Facts

Each section of Fast Facts contains different facets of KCTCS data:

  • Students - see Enrollment above
  • Affordability - see Tuition and Finances above
  • Credentials and Graduates- see section above
  • Impact - updated as data are available (for example, a new EMSI study)


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Please contact orpa@kctcs.edu with any questions about our student, faculty and staff information, how we collect this information, or anything else.