Student Services

We the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Kentucky Community & Technical Colleges System through the KCTCS Student Engagement, Diversity & Success (SEDS) team. The SEDS team has continued to provide outstanding service to current and former students, faculty, staff and other constituencies that seek our help each year.

We provide leadership, support, and service on a systemic level to all colleges in the areas of student enrollment management services, virtual student services, financial aid, admission and records, job placement and career services, and student engagement and retention. These essential services and programs enhance student enrollment, retention, graduation and virtual learning.

Key Initiatives:

  • Reorganization and centralization of Financial Aid services to better serve colleges and students. The initiative will transform the KCTCS organization overall and specifically offer many improvements and operational efficiencies for Financial Aid.
  • The development and adoption of a system Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan will create and provide integrated programs and services to recruit, retain, and support more students toward successful outcomes.
  • Virtual Student Services supports the efforts for recruitment, retention and supports the planning efforts of Strategic Enrollment Management.

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