KCTCS Powers Savings Through Monitoring and Negotiating Energy Contracts

We take our responsibility to sustainability, our students, and our communities very seriously. Through a coordinated, state-wide effort we will reduce our carbon footprint and operating costs by over $78 million by 2036.

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Our Energy Savings Performance Contracts support our efforts to provide students a low cost, high quality education. 

KCTCS Round 2 energy savings performance contracting includes implementing the Commonwealth of Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet’s “Commonwealth Energy and Management Control System (CEMCS)” at participating Round 2 colleges.  

To date, 10 Round 2 ESPCs have been awarded and include 13 KCTCS Colleges. Over the 14- to 15- year contracts, the combined guaranteed cost savings for the 13 KCTCS Colleges engaging in the second-round totals approximately $51 million, exceeding the first ESPC round that included all 16 KCTCS Colleges by $23 million. Round 1 guaranteed savings were $28.1 million.  

KCTCS Total Guaranteed Energy Savings

College Award Year Term of Contract (years) Total Guaranteed
Energy Cost Savings
Madisonville 2015 14 $3.6 Million
Owensboro 2015 14 $2.5 Million
West Kentucky 2015 14 $7.1 Million
Ashland 2016 14 $3.5 Million
Bluegrass 2016 14 $3.7 Million
Jefferson 2017 14 $8.2 Million
Elizabethtown 2018 14 $4.5 Million
Big Sandy 2019 14 $6.2 Million
Maysville 2019 14 $1.7 Million
Somerset 2019 15 $4.8 Million
Southcentral 2019 14 $3.0 Million
Henderson 2020 15 $1.1 Million
Hopkinsville 2020 14 $1.1 Million

KCTCS negotiates contracts with vendors for electricity, heating, cooling, and water for our 16 colleges, 70 campuses, 358 buildings and 8.7 million gross square feet.

Guaranteed annual savings by source includes:

Source Guaranteed Annual Cumulative Savings
Electric Consumption (kWh) 15,565,195
Water (kGAL) 4,119
Natural Gas (mmBtu) 274,546
Sewer (kGal) 3,905
Steam (mmBtu) 5,369
Chilled Water (mmBtu) 3,905


KCTCS at a Glance




over 106,000



Gross Square Feet

8.7 Million



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KCTCS Participates in the Commonwealth Energy and Management Control System (CEMCS)

CEMCS, an initiative of the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet, has four major components::

  1. Utility Monitoring and Analysis, including a searchable, web public accountability dashboard giving public access to real-time energy and monetary savings down to the building-level
  2. Building Automation Integration and Diagnostics
  3. Automated Utility Bill Paying
  4. Work Order Generation and Tracking

CEMCS focuses on retro-commissioning using Interval Data Systems’ (IDS) EnergyWitness™ enterprise energy management system. EnergyWitness™ evaluates building performance using EnergyStar metrics, normalizes data to account for weather, and can provide measurement down to a specific space. Equipment health and efficiency are evaluated 24/7 with calculations based on 15-minute intervals. 


KCTCS LEED Building Initiative

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building certification program used worldwide. Several of our existing buildings are either certified or registered as LEED buildings, including two achieving LEED Gold and two achieving LEED Silver certification. All new construction is designed to meet LEED standards. 

Registered and Certified LEED Buildings

Building Name City Certification Level
Big Sandy CTC Pikeville Campus Expansion Building Pikeville Registered
Bluegrass CTC Classroom/Student Services Building Lexington Gold
Bluegrass CTC Science Educaiton Center Lexington Silver
Hopkinsville CC New Emerging Technologies Center Hopkinsville Registered
Jefferson CTC - Carrollton Campus Carrollton Certified
Maysville CTC - Postsecondary Center of Excellence Morehead Gold
Owensboro CTC Advanced Technology Center Phase 2 Owensboro Registered
Southcentral Kentucky CTC Building L Instructional Complex Bowling Green Silver
Southeast Kentucky CTC Educational Alliance Center Middlesboro Registered

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Kentucky Energy Savings Dashboard

Currently, seven KCTCS Colleges and the KCTCS System Office energy and building data are avilable on the dashboard, with four others anticipated being added sometime during 2020. A listing of KCTCS College status relative to the dashboard is provided in the table below. 

Current and Anticipated Colleges in Dashboard
College Dashboard Description Filter
Ashland Community and Technical College ACTC
Big Sandy Community and Technical College TBD 2020
Bluegrass Community and Technical College BCTC
Elizabethtown Community and Technical College ECTC
Jefferson Community and Technical College JCTC
Madisonville Community College MCC
Maysville Community and Technical College TBD 2020
Owensboro Community and Technical College OCTC
Somerset Community College TBD 2020
Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College TBD 2020
West Kentucky Community and Technical College WKCTC
KCTCS System Office KCTCS System Office

When searching the dashboard, all KCTCS Colleges are listed with the Agency Search Criteria of "Ky Community Technical College System".

Kentucky Revised Statues 56.770-84: Energy Efficiency for State Government Buildings
Kentucky Administrative Regulations Related to High Performance Building