Board of Regents

KCTCS Board of Regents

KCTCS Board of Regents Meetings Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board of Regents Meeting December 1-2, 2022

KCTCS System Office, Versailles, Kentucky


Thursday, December 1, 2022 - Noon (ET)

  1. Call to Order and Press Notification, Chair Stevens
  2. Roll Call, Parliamentarian Duncan
  3. Open Comment Period*
    Total public comment period time will be 20 minutes. Each individual seeking public comment must be physically present, must register with the board liaison and indicate their topic. No more than seven people will be permitted to speak in the Open Comment Period and should be limited to three minutes per person.
  4. Approval of Minutes, Chair Stevens
  5. Chair’s Report, Chair Stevens
  6. President’s Report, President Czarapata
    1. Update on Goals and Objectives
    2. 2023 Legislative Agenda
  7. Agenda Items - Increase Employment Success, Vice President Schook
    1. Update: Education First Employers
    2. Update: Partnerships – Asset Map Progress
    3. Update: Work-Based Learning
      1. Handshake
      2. Workgroup Scope of Work
    4. Update: TRAINS Funding & Dashboard
  8. Agenda Items - Increase Learner Success, Chancellor Williams
    1. Update: Program Approvals
    2. Update: Online Course Quality Assurance Assessment
    3. Update: Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Enrollment Reports
    4. Update: Chancellor’s Report
    5. Action: Ratification of KCTCS Colleges’ Candidates for Credentials
  9. Executive Session
  10. Adjournment

Friday, December 2, 2022 - 8:30 a.m. (ET)

  1. Call to Order and Press Notification, Chair Stevens
  2. Roll Call, Parliamentarian Duncan
  3. College Presentation Big Sandy Community and Technical College, Rachelle Burchett and Frontier CEO Randy Hunter via Teams
  4. Agenda Items*
  5. Increase Organization Success
    1. Update: KCTCS Employee Benefits Survey, Vice President Hillis
    2. Update: Human Resources Dashboard, Vice President Hillis
    3. Update: Finance Report, Interim Vice President Malloy
    4. Update: Office of Advancement and KCTCS Foundation Report, Associate Vice President Scott Tracy
    5. Update: Huron Project Overview, President Czarapata and Huron Representatives (will be joining via Teams at 10:30 am)
    6. Update: Internal Audit Plan, Lance Mann from Dean Dorton
    7. Action: External Audit Report, Jennifer Williams from FORVIS
    8. Action: KCTCS Board of Regent Required Reserves, President Czarapata
    9. Action: Naming of West Kentucky Community & Technical College Facility, WKCTC President Anton Reece
    10. Action: Code of Ethics for KCTCS Board of Regents, Parliamentarian and General Counsel Duncan
    11. Action: KCTCS Board of Regents Election Procedures Revision, Parliamentarian and General Counsel Duncan
    12. Action: KCTCS 403(B) Plan Enhancements, Vice President Lin Hillis
    13. Action: Ratification of Personnel Actions, Vice President Lin Hillis
    14. Action: Fire Alarm Panels – East Colleges, Interim Vice President Beverly Malloy
    15. Action: Fire Alarm Panels – West Colleges, Interim Vice President Malloy
    16. Action: Fire Commission NRPC Project, Interim Vice President Malloy
    17. Action: Hazard CTC Emergency Repairs, Interim Vice President Malloy
    18. Action: Southeast KY CTC Emergency Repairs, Interim Vice President Malloy
  6. Next Meeting – March 23-24, 2023
  7. Adjournment

*Agenda items are presented to reflect the three Goals of the 2022-26 KCTCS Strategic Plan: Increase Organization Success, Increase Employment Success, Increase Learner Success. To view the full plan, including objectives and performance metrics, click here.