Technology Solutions

The vision of the System Office Technology Solutions department is to be the trusted advisor for and the champion of technology based solutions for KCTCS students, faculty and staff all while considering the human element of technology. We believe this lofty aspiration is at the heart of what drives this department.

We are a dedicated team of employees whose skills extend well beyond the traditional boundaries of classic IT departments. Our strategic partnerships with best-of-the-best technology providers allow us to provide round-the-clock technology solutions and services while extending our reach to provide cutting edge technology leadership in the fast paced digital age. These partnerships also help us identify opportunities to support each colleges core mission in the most cost effective ways possible.

Key initiatives:

  • Student Technology One Stop Shop: This project will allow students to log into one location and then seamlessly access separate systems without the need to log in again. This will reduce confusion, accelerate adoption and increase student satisfaction and completion.
  • Security Notification Replacement Project: KCTCS Technology Solutions, Marketing and Facilities Management will begin a massive project to implement a new security notification system bringing much needed features and functionalities. How fast and how well you communicate with your campus during an emergency can be the difference between life and death. From campus-wide alerts to individual mobile apps and tip texting, the new system leads in the development and implementation of innovative campus safety solutions.
  • Local Intranet Content Development: This year we expanded the foundation for the KCTCS Intranet and you'll soon see additions of local content. With the migration of public web content to a new CMS, this is the best time for colleges to move their internal content to the intranet. This will allow our public websites to be focused on our students and external stakeholders and the intranet for our internal audiences.