Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship helps Kentuckians Get to Work

COVID has been hard on Kentuckians. In addition to the illness itself, many lost their jobs, and some jobs won’t be returning. That means it’s time to prepare for a new career in the fields that are in demand. There’s no better option to get you there than the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship. 

At KCTCS, your tuition is free if you take any of the 350 course options covered by the scholarship. You can take up to 60 hours tuition-free. So, if you want to take a few courses and get to work quickly, you can. We want you to get in, get skilled, and get out in the workforce. However, if you want to earn an associate degree and even transfer to a university, you can.

Courses and programs covered are in advanced manufacturing, business/IT, construction/skilled trades, transportation/logistics and health care. All of these options are in demand in Kentucky, so there’s no wrong choice.  

You may have seen or heard the new campaign for this scholarship. It features B. Stille from the Nappy Roots as the spokesperson and he created a rap just for the campaign. I encourage you to view the interview and hear his song; he’s got a great story:

He and the other band members were college students when they got a record deal, and Stille dropped out of college to pursue a career in music. But he promised his mom he would complete his degree, which he did in May 2019.

His rap for the scholarship says: Never underestimate you. This is because many of our students and prospective students so often do underestimate what they’re capable of. Stille’s message is you CAN go to college and you can be successful. He believes if he can do it, anyone can. 

Why not find out for yourself? We have a hotline with people standing by to help and a website that has all the information you need about how to qualify and what programs are available. Just call 833-711-WRKS or visit

As B. Stille says: Do it for you.

Thanks - PC

B.Stille pointing at camera