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Hiring? KCTCS grads are a good choice

Graduation is happening at KCTCS colleges all across the state and our graduates have been on mind. Many of them are hoping to join the workforce; some already have jobs waiting for them. Others are transferring to a university. 

In some ways, I’m like a proud parent. I really want these graduates to have great careers so they and their families will have a better life. They’ve worked hard and overcome circumstances no other graduating class has had to deal with. They’ve survived a pandemic for goodness sake! That takes a lot of grit and determination.

Some students had COVID or cared for family members who had it. Some lost their jobs or live in a household where parents or significant others lost jobs. They’ve had to take classes remotely, even though that’s not what they signed up for. Their children also were learning remotely, which created all kinds of challenges. And some have had to overcome the lack of broadband access and as well as a lack of appropriate computer equipment.

I say all of this to make you aware that because of these things, our graduates will make great employees. Of course, they’ve received a good education but also, they’ve learned how to be flexible and adaptable. They’ve learned how to be more self-reliant and technologically savvy, and they’ve learned how important it is to meet deadlines and be accountable to others. 

These are all important qualities for employees, especially new hires. We hear from employers that having the right core competencies to do the job is just one part of the makings of a good employee. They also need the essential skills that help them be a good teammate, be responsible and communicate well.

Our graduates are always good hires, but if you have job openings right now, you must consider this fresh crop of grads. They’ve been through a lot to get here. They will take what they’ve learned and use it to make your company better. 

Congratulations and best of luck to all KCTCS grads! Even after you leave us, we will never underestimate you!