Questions most frequently asked by our vendors. Don't see your question here? Please email KCTCS Procurement to Payment. 

Why is the KCTCS Substitute W9 required rather than the standard IRS W9?

The KCTCS Substitute W9 requests additional information regarding the vendor's business classification to help KCTCS with reporting. It also provides the opportunity for indicating how purchase orders should be sent (fax/email), the ordering addresswith contact information and the associated remit to address information. The form also provides for the option to enroll for ACH direct deposit.

When is a new Substitute W9 required?

A new Substitute W9 is required when changes are needed to the vendor's information currently on file. This would include change in tax ID number, change to vendor name, adding/changing an address or a change to the banking information.

We have a new address and phone number. How do I need to go about getting this new information into your system correctly? Is there a form I need to complete?

In order for changes to be made to an existing vendors record, a Substitute W9 form will need
to be completed, signed and returned to Accounts Payable. You may email or call Accounts Payable to request a copy of the current Substitute W9.

When can I expect payment for an invoice that has been sent?

KCTCS payment terms are Net 30 after receipt of an invoice. Once the invoice has been entered into our systemandis matchedto the Purchase Order and the receiving, payment will be generated. Delay in payment can be avoided by ensuringinvoicesfor purchase orders are faxed (859-256-3118) or emailed toAccounts Payable, each invoicereferences a valid purchase order number anda remit to address. The invoice total must also match or be less than the purchase order total.

KCTCS runs a pay cycle each Friday with the exception of KCTCS institutional closings and holidays. To assist vendors with expediting payment and to improve operational efficiencies, KCTCS has the option for electronic payments using either ACH direct deposit or VISA credit card.Contact KCTCS Accounts Payable, for more information.

A Substitute W9 was submitted and now I have received another one. Why?

Vendors actively doing business with KCTCS and receiving payments from KCTCS via check or ACH during the past two years are set to the status of active in our vendor database.

The vendor status in our database for vendors that have had no activity or transactions with KCTCS for a period of two (2) years is automatically set to unapproved. If a vendors status is set to unapproved, a new Substitute W9 will need to be submitted in order for the status to be set back to active status.

A new Substitute W9 form may be requested by KCTCS to be completed, signedand returned when updates or changes are needed to the current information entered in our database. Changes requiring a new Substitute W9 may include, but not be limited to, change in vendor name, change to employer identification number (EIN), change in ordering/ remit to addresses, change to ACH payment information. The remit to address submitted on a vendors invoice must be in the vendor database prior to payment processing.

Is KCTCS tax exempt?

KCTCS is tax exempt from the provision of the Kentucky six percent (6%) Sales and/or Use Tax on materials and equipment. Materials purchased by the contractor, for Construction renovation contracts are not exempt from sales tax. KCTCS also is entitled to exemption from Federal Excise Tax (excluding coal, gas guzzlers, and vaccines). Exemption certifications will be furnished to cover excise tax exemption where applicable and when requested by the contractor.

Is there a contact for questions not answered in the FAQs?

Vendors may call 859-256-3265 or email questions regarding payment of invoices for purchase orders. Please be sure to have the invoice number that you are calling about.

I am a foreign vendor, do I need to complete the KCTCS Substitute W9 form?

Foreign vendors will need to complete a W8-ECI or W8-BEN depending on how they are conducting business withinthe US.

What is IRS TIN Matching?

IRS Tax Identification Number (TIN) matching is a database used to verify vendor reporting information. Vendor name vs. Tax ID Number/Employer ID Number. (TIN/EIN)

I've received notice that my information does not match the IRS TIN Matching. What steps do I take to correct this?

Because there could be various reasons for the no-match, you will need to reference your letter from the IRS or contact them directly to find out what the discrepancy is.