Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) is an agency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and subject to the Kentucky Model Procurement Code, KRS 45A. KCTCS Procurement to Payment has been delegated the responsibility for ensuring purchases are made in compliance with Kentucky state laws and promoting the development of ethical, efficient and effective purchasing practices.

Purchasers of goods and services for KCTCS shall not take, receive, or offer to take or receive (directly or indirectly) any rebate, percentage of contract, money (or other things of value) as an inducement (or intended inducement) from any vendor bidding for KCTCS purchase contract(s) or otherwise seeking to make a sale to KCTCS.

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Terms and Conditions

KCTCS General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all bids and contracts issued by Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Procurement to Payment.

We encourage your firm to read these conditions and retain a copy for reference as they are an integral part of all contracts awarded by KCTCS Procurement to Payment.