1. Account Manager

    1. Responsibilities:
      1. Primary department contact — they will be your primary liaison with the Marketing and Communications Department.
      2. Specific responsibilities include:
        1. Planning meeting with department on an annual basis.
        2. Preparation of creative briefs for all projects.
        3. On-going follow-up to update status of projects, determine needs, etc.
        4. General communications on active projects — deadlines, decisions, pricing, production, etc.
        5. Coordinate all printing production and scheduling through Xerox and outdoor vendors.
    2. All client & Xerox communication will be filtered through the account manager.
  2. Project Tracking System and Creative Briefs

    1. All project requests must be submitted to Terri Giltner. Project followup is the responsibility of the requester.
    2. A creative brief will be developed for project by either customer or account representative.
      1. Creative brief will include:
        1. Budget String.
        2. Project background and goals.
        3. Project scope.
        4. Specific project deliverables.
        5. Project budget.
        6. Project deadlines.
        7. Formal agreement — sign-off by both client and Marketing and Communications Department.
        8. Vendor contact information (name, e-mail, phone, etc) if request is for an outside vendor (billboards, for example, or ads that are to be submitted to a magazine or other publication)
  3. General Rules of Engagement

    1. All projects must be formally submitted via the project tracker or a meeting with account manager.
    2. A project creative brief must be developed and signed off on by both client and account manager.
    3. Client is responsible for all copy — in most cases.
    4. Proofing/editing:
      1. Client is responsible for all proofing.
        1. Client signature or confirmation is required before project is sent to production.
      2. The two and done rule will apply to all proofs unless otherwise noted:
        1. Client will have the opportunity to edit and revise the project twice.
    5. Project deadlines:
      1. Creative development:
        1. Banners — two weeks to two months
        2. Basic Graphic Design Elements — minimum of one week
        3. Brand Identity — minimum of one month
        4. Brochures/programs — minimum of one month
        5. E-nouncements, E-vites — must be submitted by noon Friday for following week
        6. Marketing Plans — minimum of one month
        7. News releases — one week
        8. Press Event — one to two months
        9. Print Ads — two weeks
        10. Radio Ads — minimum of one month
        11. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) — one week to one month
        12. TV Ads — minimum of three months
        13. Viewbooks — minimum of three months
        14. Web Content Updates — one to two weeks
        15. Website Design and Development — determined by project scope, minimum one month
      2. Printing/production deadlines:
        1. In-house — two weeks (depending on marketing piece, Xerox production schedule)
        2. Outside printer — minimum of two weeks
        3. Promotional items — minimum of one month
        4. Professional photo/video shoot — one to three months
    6. Project Delays
      1. If project delay is due to client, then the project is moved to bottom of priority list and new project timeline will be established by account manager.
      2. If project delay is due to Marketing and Communications Department, the account manager will provide new deadline and ensure it becomes the department's highest priority.

This department provides service through the Office Of The President Area