Michael Poynter
Executive Director
Telephone: 859-256-3584

Chuck ONeal
Deputy Executive Director

Paul Phillips
Director of Field operations

Bob Andrew
Director of Education

Website: kyems.com
Follow on Twitter: @KBEMS


The Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS) brings lifesaving, emergency medical care to the Commonwealth by certifying First Responders and Emergency Medical Technicians. Additionally, it provides licenses to Paramedics and Ambulance Services and also establishes standards for the education and training of Emergency Medical Services personnel.

KBEMS mission is to ensure availability of high quality emergency medical services for Kentucky through collaboration with EMS providers by:

KBEMS' Services include:

  • Ensuring quality, competent EMS care through effective oversight, communication and education;
  • Advancing professionalism of EMS providers;
  • Promoting health and safety of patients and EMS providers;
  • Providing leadership for EMS.