Facilities Contacts

Sandy Adkins
Director of Capital Projects and Budgeting
Telephone: (859) 256-3207

Bruce Bailey
Capital Projects Manager

Mike Blevins
Capital Projects Manager
Telephone: (859) 928-6427

Monique Branham
Applications Data Coordinator
Telephone: (859) 256-3198

Chris Brumett
Director, Asset Management
Telephone: (859) 256-3224

Keith Channels
Building Maintenance
Telephone: (859) 256-3203

David Crowell
Director, Facilities Maintenance
Telephone: (859) 256-3244

Michelle Dennison
Facilities Services Specialist
Records Retention Officer
Telephone: (859) 256-3246

Todd Gray
Operations & Emergency Services
Telephone: (859) 256-3192

Christy Giles
Environmental Health & Safety Lead
Telephone: (859) 256-3323

Jeff Hall
Capital Project Manager
Telephone: (859) 256-3563

Billie Hardin
Sustainability Project Manager
Telephone: (859) 256-3272

Rich Leake
Asset Coordinator
Telephone: (859) 256-3614

Ken Marks
Director, Capital Construction & Sustainability Initiative
Telephone: (859) 256-3594

Mike Martin
Capital Projects Manager
Telephone: (859) 256-8362

Dick Mink
Project Manager
Telephone: (859) 256-3220

John Sutter
Asset Coordinator
Telephone: (859) 256-3363

Cindy Wells
Lead Insurance & Asset Management Coordinator
Telephone: (859) 256-3280

Facilities Support Services is a service organization consisting of planning, maintenance, construction and property management responsibilities. We are committed to providing an accessible, sustainable and healthy environment, which provides efficient, functional, and pleasant surroundings for fulfilling KCTCS' mission and objectives. We are committed to providing timely, effective and friendly service to our colleges and other constituencies.

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