Distance Learning Initiatives

Dr. Leah Simpson
System Director
(859) 256-3557


Kim Calebs
Manager of Online Learning
(859) 256-3386


Candice Jenkins
Quality Assurance Specialist
(859) 256-3573


Deepti Adhikari
Instructional Design Intern
(859) 256-3548


Veterans Accelerated Learning for Licensed Occupations (VALLO)

Dr. Tony Sweatt
VALLO Curriculum Support Specialist
(859) 256-3284


Aimee Neal
VALLO Student Support Specialist
(859) 256-3560


Distance learning has transformed higher education and continues to grow exponentially, creating a demand for quality online education that will secure our students' place in a 21st century digital economy.

Our department is part of a constellation of system services that support innovative teaching and learning for faculty, and focused support for students pursuing their educational goals through distance education. We are dedicated to innovative teaching modalities and student-centered learning. The unit is responsible for leading the continual improvement and evolution of distance learning at KCTCS.


Faculty Help

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