Wendell A. Followell

Wendell A. Followell

Phone: 859-256-3364

The Department of Administrative Services at KCTCS strives to provide fiscally responsible financial management services for the 16 community colleges across the state.

By dedicating his 30+ year professional career to making KCTCS one of the very best community college systems in the nation, Vice President Wendell Followell has strengthened and aligned KCTCS' administrative and financial functions with the core values of leadership, service, and support.

Followell earned a master's degree in public administration from the University of Kentucky with a concentration in financial management and most recently his MBA from the University of Kentucky/University of Louisville's executive program designed for experienced executives. Wendell's experience and breadth of knowledge make him an ideal Vice President of Finance because he has significant cross-functional leadership experience in multiple areas including finance, accounting, facilities support, human resources, and policy enforcement.

Mission: The mission of the Department of Administrative Services is to provide fiscally responsible management services for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

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