Administrative Computing Contact

Chun Cummings- Campus Solutions

Patrick Wells- Financials/Supply Chain

Joe Carrus- Human Capital Management

Stuart Weatherford- Enterprise Performance Management

Phone:(877) 528-2748

The Administrative Computing department assists KCTCS in managing major computer applications. Our team provides project development and delivery, operational support, reporting and regular updates and maintenance to enterprise systems.

Key Initiatives:

  • Financials/Supply Chain Management system - The data in this system is the KCTCS core financial information, including applications related to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable/Billing, Asset Management, Budgets, General Ledger, and Purchasing.
  • Human Capital Management system - This system maintains information about KCTCS employees and departments. It supports processes used for Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits.
  • Enterprise Performance Management system (Data Warehouse) - The data maintained in this system may contain information from the financials system, campus operational systems, human resources system and external data sources. It is used in reporting, planning and decision making.
  • Campus Solutions system - Campus Solutions is used for activities such as: academic advising, financial aid, course administration and enrollment, admissions, recruiting, student records and student financials. It provides a single, cohesive data source for student-related data.