Sydney Baseheart
Director of Curriculum and Programs

Brandon Gossett
Director of Technical Programs

Kim Nealis-Williams
Director of Nursing & Allied Health

Shauna King-Simms
Director of College and Career Transitions

Denise Welch
Program Compliance Specialist

In Academic Affairs, we strive to provide quality and efficient services and technical assistance to all academic departments within KCTCS.

Our mission is to promote college readiness, access, and success for all students by:

  • Listening to students, colleges and other stakeholders
  • Bridging communication between students, secondary schools, colleges and universities
  • Coordinating statewide higher education initiatives and programs
  • Facilitating program development
  • Advocating on behalf of the students and colleges
  • Developing and implementing policy to support and guide the work of the colleges.

Key Initiatives:

Dual Credit Program works with our K-12 partners to provide dual credit for students throughout the Commonwealth, developing career pathways that allow students multiple opportunities to enter their desired career.

Go2Transfer is a partnership between KCTCS colleges and Kentucky's four-year institutions ensuring a smooth transition from our colleges to theirs for all transfer students. This provides a lower-cost alternative during the early portion of a baccalaureate degree.

Go2Work works with business and industry partners to ensure KCTCS graduates have the skills necessary to be successful with their employer of choice.

Faculty Promotion Procedures