Versailles, Ky. The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) offers tremendous value for its students. Thats just one reason why so many students choose it. Community colleges were founded on the concept of social justice and providing all Americans an affordable and accessible education, which is why students get two years of college for the price of one year at a four-year institution.

The role of KCTCS is to ensure all people have the opportunity to succeed, whether they want to transfer to one of its four-year partners, or earn a credential and get to work quickly. Over the years, many have enjoyed increased access to postsecondary education, largely through the doors of community and technical colleges.

April is Community College Month, and KCTCS is sharing a few reasons why prospective students and their parents should consider the value of KCTCS.

  1. KCTCS has the lowest tuition in Kentucky less than half the cost of four-year universities.
  2. For those who want to get trained quickly and get to work, KCTCS offers many programs that arent offered anywhere else and can be completed in four months or less for jobs that pay up to $60,000.
  3. There is a KCTCS college within a 30-minute drive of 95 percent of all Kentuckians.
  4. KCTCS is Kentuckys largest provider of postsecondary education, online education and workforce training.
  5. Students who begin their college journey at a community college and transfer to a four-year institution do as well or better than those who attend a four-year institution from the beginning.
  6. Sixty-nine percent of Kentucky allied health care workers received their education at KCTCS.
  7. KCTCS trains 82 percent of the states skilled trade workers everything from welding and HVAC, to lineman and fiber optics education.

Higher Education Begins Here is not just the KCTCS tagline; its a reality. Almost half of all undergraduates in Kentucky begin their college journey at KCTCS, and nearly 835,000 Kentuckians have chosen KCTCS since 2000. Prospective students who would like to join this group, can learn more at