On February 22, the Kentucky Community and Technical College Systems (KCTCS) and each of its 16 colleges will partner with churches statewide for Super Sunday, an annual student recruitment initiative specifically targeting African-American and Latino students. This year marks the fifth anniversary for the information fairs that enable KCTCS advocates to connect with prospective college students and their families.

Super Sunday helps to eliminate the roadblocks many students face when pursuing their higher education goals, said KCTCS President Jay Box. Through our partnerships, we are able to encourage youth to pursue their dreams directly from the pulpit.

Higher education begins at KCTCS for most Kentuckians, and so it is a vital part of the KCTCS mission to increase the educational opportunities for people of color. On Super Sunday, thousands of prospective college students and their families are expected to attend the statewide college fairs. Many will take place at African-American and Latino churches, and the church service will be followed by a college fair with college representatives on hand as advocates to assist with college planning, admissions, scholarships and financial aid information.

To date, KCTCS has partnered with more than 150 churches and has shared the Yes You Can Go to College message with more than 33,000 individuals. This community-based outreach has been extremely beneficial, resulting in increased attendance among diverse students at KCTCS colleges statewide. In fall 2014, 14.4 percent of the total student population self-identified as being black/African-American, Latino or two or more races. This represents a 19 percent increase since fall 2010.

To learn more about Super Sunday in Kentucky, visit super-sunday.org.