Strategic Enrollment Management

Aims to improve student and organizational success, by developing and adopting processes needed to centralize and align enrollment efforts.

Centralized and aligned enrollment efforts, combined with other strategic priorities including budget, curricular development and delivery, student services and research will aid Strategic Enrollment Management in fulfilling our mission to increase enrollment.

College SEM plans

KCTCS focuses on internal student success and experiences and the external environment to effectively relate our mission and values to key stakeholders and audiences. The college SEM plans provide evidence of a commitment to do what is best for students as we meet our mission of career/college readiness, employability, and workforce development across the Commonwealth.

College SEM Plans

Key Initiatives:

  • Lead college and the system office strategic enrollment management plan development, implementation and assessment.
  • Adopt an organizational framework to guide SEM plan implementation.
  • Develop a communications program and structure to inform key stakeholders.
  • Create and deliver professional development experiences to enhance knowledge and abilities.
  • Transform financial aid.