Meet Julie

Who is Julie? Julie is 35 years old and works as a radiographer at a local hospital. She is a single mom of two children: Ashley, 7 and Kaleb, 5.

Three years ago Julie went through a divorce. At the time, she was working part-time as a server and her husband was the main breadwinner. She realized she needed a full-time career that would allow her to support herself and her children, so Julie looked to the local community college. She was unsure of the process and scared to get started, but luckily had a friend who had recently graduated from the same community college. Her friend helped her navigate the admissions process, showing her how to apply for and manage her financial aid. Her friend offered support and encouragement during those difficult semesters when Julie was still working part-time and taking 12 hours of classes.

After three years, Julie graduated with her associate in applied science degree. She is now working in a high wage position at the local hospital.

Knowing how vital her friends knowledge of the admissions and financial aid process was to her success, Julie wants to help other students enroll and succeed in their community college goals by sharing her knowledge and experience with them. Her success story is our model for serving our students. 

Julie's Motto: I've been in your shoes, and I'm here to show you how things work.

Julie is our persona

The KCTCS persona, Julie, was born from research with prospective and current students and represents someone a significant number of people at our colleges have gone to for advice. A persona is depicted as a specific person but is not a real individual.

She is NOT the target audience, but rather the voice we become when writing for the web.

Prospective students have a lot of questions and many have anxiety about college. As the KCTCS persona, your writing style will help them understand the college process, what our campuses are like and how they will fit in.

Now its time for you to put yourself in Julie's shoes when you write for students.