GED Plus Brand Guide

GED Plus Full Color Logo with tag

GEDPlus full color logo with tagline

GED Plus Full Color Logo

GED Plus full color logo

GED Plus Reverse Logo

grey GED Plus reverse logo

PMS 382




Brandon Grotesque

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Hand of Sean

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  • GED Plus Primary Tag Line
    Accelerate Your Path To A Career

GED Plus Secondary Tag Lines

  • Go Further Faster
  • Earn a GED plus a college certificate at the same time.
  • When referencing GED Plus in writing, always refer to it as GED Plus, not GED +. Do not use the plus symbol in communication material.
  • GED Plus should follow brand guidelines for a marketing campaign.

GED Plus is a joint initiative by Kentucky Community and Technical College System and Kentucky Skills U. All print and digital materials will have the Kentucky Community and Technical College System logo or respective college logo in conjuction with the the Kentucky Skills U logo.

stacked KCTCS logo and Skills U logo horizontal kctcs logo and skills u logo
stacked gateway logo and skills u logo horizontal gateway logo and skills u logo

Find branded marketing materials and logos on Creative Shop or

We have limited professionally produced GED participant photos. Our current face of the GED Plus program is Art Flores (see design examples).

Chosen photography should show adult students, looking straight into the camera, showing confidence. Photographs of faculty/staff assisting students would be beneficial.


Bookmark front and back. Front includes tagline and name of program, back includes bulleted list of selling points


example of GED plus poster. Includes image, title, tagline, talking points, and url.


Folder example. Includes image, title, tagline, and logos.