What are Fact Books?

We publish the KCTCS Fact Book in an interactive and customizable dashboard format and want you to explore and discover information about our students, faculty and staff.

Feel free to browse through our pages to get to know more about us.  We are very proud of the number of students we serve and take great joy in their accomplishments and success.  

Where Do We Get This Information?

All our data comes from specific dates in a "snapshot" and then reviewed for accuracy before being submitted to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE).  Once CPE reviews the data and they sign off, it officially becomes a part of our Fact Book (usually within two-three months).  The snapshot dates are:

  • March 30 for spring enrollment
  • August 15 for summer enrollment
  • November 1 for fall enrollment, and
  • November 1 for faculty and employee data. 

These data are "frozen" on those dates and any changes after that date are picked up on the next reporting cycle.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) and Credit Hours have always been calculated using Delivering Campus.  Beginning with fall 2017, FTE and Credit Hours will be calculated using Home Campus so they will match IPEDS data.  Previous years will still be found in the Fall Enrollment file but new calculations beginning with fall 2017 can be found in the new file called FTE and Credit Hours.

If you have suggestions and or questions please email us.