Board of Regents

KCTCS Board of Regents Meeting March 24-25, 2022

Hazard Community and Technical College, Hazard, Kentucky
Livestream For Thursday, March 24, 2022: 
Livestream For Friday, March 25, 2022: 

Thursday, March 24, 2022 – 12:00 p.m. (ET)

  1. Call to Order and Press Notification
  2. Roll Call
  3. Board Agenda Items
    1. Update: Accreditation – Presentations from Dr. Sue Ellspermann, Ivy Tech President and Dr. Sally Johnstone, NCHEMS President
    2. Update: KCTCS Board of Regents Compensation and Classification
    3.  Update: KCTCS Building Utilization and Consolidation Report 
    4. Update: KCTCS 2022 Legislative Session
    5. Update: KCTCS Internal Audit Report
    6. Action: KCTCS Internal Audit Contract Renewal
    7. Update: Administrative Services Report
    8. Update: Learner Success and Workforce Development Report
    9. Update: Technology Solutions Report
  4.  College Tour and Presentation
    Hazard Community and Technical College
  5.  Adjournment

Friday, March 25, 2022 – 8:30 a.m. (ET)

  1. Call to Order and Press Notification
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes
    • Approval of December 3, 2021, Regular Meeting Minutes
    • Approval of January 19, 2022, KCTCS Board of Regents Special Called Meeting Minutes
    • Approval of February 2, 2022, KCTCS Board of Regents Special Called Meeting Minutes
  4. Consent Agenda
    ** All items listed below are considered to be routine by the Board and will be approved by 
    one motion. An item may be removed from the consent agenda at the request of a regent.
    1. Action: Ratification of KCTCS Colleges’ Candidates for Credentials
  5. Board Agenda Items
    1. Action: Ratification of Personnel Actions
    2. Action: KCTCS Nonrecurring Employee Appreciation
    3. Information: KCTCS Budget Scenarios
    4. Action: 2022-23 KCTCS Tuition
    5. Action: KCTCS Strategic Plan 2022-26
    6.  Action: Approval of Procedures for the KCTCS Board of Regents Officer Elections
    7. Action: Review of Procedures for the Evaluation of the President of the Kentucky 
      Community and Technical College System
    8. Action: Review of Procedures for the Faculty and Staff Elections
    9. Action: KCTCS Board of Regents Policy 5.2 Conflict of Interest
    10. Action: KCTCS Procedure for KCTCS Non-Banded Positions
    11. Information: KCTCS Board of Regents 2023 Regular Meeting Calendar
  6. Executive Session – Working Lunch
    KRS 61.810 (1) (c) – Proposed or Pending Litigation
    KRS 61.810 (1) (f) – Individual Personnel Matters. Discussions that may lead to the 
    appointment, discipline, or termination of an individual employee.
  7. Chair’s Report
    Recognition of outgoing Board member, Damon Allen
  8.  KCTCS President’s Report
  9.  Next Meeting – June 9-10, 2022, Owensboro Community and Technical College, 
    Owensboro, Kentucky
  10.  Adjournment