Institutional Closing

alert icon KCTCS offices will be closed December 18 - Jan. 1. If you need assistance our call center will be available 24/7/365  and happy to help (855) 465-2827. Happy Holidays!
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Moving the Needle Forward

In 2016, KCTCS unveiled a strategic plan that establishes high-level goals and performance targets for the institution. To support that plan, we are creating a series of two-year action plans that identify specific strategies to reach those goals.

Each two-year action plan will identify actionable strategies to benefit all colleges and move the needle in a positive direction on strategic plan measures. The two-year planning cycle aligns with Kentucky’s state budget cycle and allows us to respond effectively to changing conditions.

The first phase of the six-year plan, Moving the Needle Forward: KCTCS Action Plan 2016–2018, focuses on prioritization, resource allocation, and accountability.

2016 Action Plan: Moving the Needle Forward