Better Lives for a Better Kentucky

In 2016, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) unveiled a strategic plan, The Future in Focus: KCTCS Strategic Plan 2016–2022, that established high-level goals and performance targets for the 16 KCTCS Colleges and the System Office. The Strategic Plan calls for KCTCS to focus on several core goals:

PromotionGoal 1

PromotionGoal 2

PromotionGoal 3

PromotionGoal 4

PromotionGoal 5

To support the plan, KCTCS created a series of two-year action plans that developed specific strategies to reach those goals. Each action plan identifies actionable strategies to benefit all Colleges and move the needle in a positive direction on strategic plan measures. The two-year planning cycle aligns with Kentucky’s state budget cycle and allows Colleges and the System Office to respond effectively to changing conditions.

Promotion Phase One: Move the Needle Forward (2016-2018)

Promotion  Phase Two: Creating a Better Live (2018-2020)

For the final biennium, the Better Lives for a Better Kentucky Action Plan 2020-2022 focuses on a question important to the KCTCS President’s Leadership Team (PLT), “What Does Winning Look Like?” The responses to that question drive the System towards its end goal—a world-class statewide community and technical college system that produces a globally competitive workforce.  

What does winning look like?

Concepts from the sixteen (16) College Presidents note the following:

  • Focusing on enrollment growth, student persistence, and student success by affirming affordability, shortening time to degree, and scaling innovation.

  • Improving the sustainability of the System and Colleges through advocacy and the development of alternative revenue sources.

  • Increasing the prominence and visibility of KCTCS within the Commonwealth and across the nation, illustrating that the System and Colleges are relevant, responsive, and transformative to our stakeholders, particularly employers.

Each College deploys an institutional strategic plan and initiatives within the KCTCS 2016-2022 Strategic Plan and the 2020-2022 Action Plan. College priorities may focus on different areas of the Action Plan.

The Better Lives for a Better Kentucky Action Plan 2020-2022 moves forward the 2016-2022 Strategic Plan to its conclusion with these strategies and tactics:

PromotionStrategy 1

PromotionStrategy 2

PromotionStrategy 3

PromotionStrategy 4

PromotionStrategy 5

Strategic Plan Measures & Targets

PromotionMeasure 1: Graduation Rate

PromotionMeasure 2: Affordability

PromotionMeasure 3: Student Success

PromotionMeasure 4: Experiential Learning

PromotionMeasure 5: Transfer Rate

PromotionMeasure 6: Retention

PromotionMeasure 7: Student Engagement

PromotionMeasure 8: Licensure Pass Rates

PromotionMeasure 9: Workforce Credit Hour Conversion