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KCTCS Fact Books

KCTCS has always published a Factbook every year with breakdowns on student data in many formats.  The files below are now interactive and can be customized to give you everything from fall 2000 to fall 2015 for each college or a particular fall semester for a particular college.  Please feel free to browse current and former years to better understand the student population of our colleges and become familiar with these files.  We welcome suggestions and questions at

Browse interactive files below. We are having some compatibility issues with Internet Explorer that we are trying to resolve. You may have to refresh your screen to get the files to load but if you have Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, they appear to work fine with these files. We will remove these statements when the issue has been resolved.

    Fast Facts

    Educational Attainment of Kentucky

    Kentucky Demographics and Labor Force

    Fall Enrollment (Fall 2000 to Fall 2015)

    Student Success (Academic Years)

    Spring Enrollment

    Human Resources and Finance